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Why Leapforce/Appen/Raterlabs or Lionbridge May Reject Your Application.

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I get emails and comments everyday saying Leapforce (now Appen) is yet to get back to me. The frequent complaint that I get almost daily is that it has been months since I applied, but there has been no response from Appen yet

. In this post, I am going to dissect some of the probable reasons as to why Appen may not have gotten back to you or have probably rejected your application. That being said, a lot of my referrals have gone on to qualify for the tests and work for Appen as Search Engine Evaluator or Social Media Evaluator. I see a lot of newbies inside Leapforce forum introducing themselves and saying hello.

Just to give you a heads up, I am not an HR from Leapforce. I am just a worker with Appen. The reasons mentioned below may or may not be true. But I am pretty confident that I won’t be way off the mark.

The reasons mentioned here may be true for Lionbridge and Raterlans as well.

  1. More Than One Application from one IP address – 

People make this serious mistake while applying for Leapforce or any other related companies. In case of Leapforce, it is clearly mentioned in the application page that only one person per IP address is allowed to work for this position. Here is the screenshot from their application page if you don’t believe me. I don’t know as to why some people can’t even see such a clearly written statement. If you’re thinking that your entire family is going to work now from the same IP address with different laptop or desktops, then you are in for rejection mate.

2. Re-applying Several Times

First of all, Appen is not Indian Railways. They don’t have thousands of openings every year. And they don’t hire thousands every year. They will only hire if and when their client ( In case of Appen, the client is Google or Facebook) feels that it is necessary to hire some contractors. So, they will take time to get back to you. They will pre-screen your application and only if they deem you fit for this job will they contact you. And the wait period may be anywhere from few days to six months. If they don’t get back to you in six months, you can re-apply again with the same gmail again. There are some who, when they had to wait for few weeks or months, created new gmail accounts and re-applied again from the same IP and system. Dude, when you had applied before, did you not see a pop-up saying that your IP-address had been recorded? Due to this foolish mistake, both previous and your new application would be surely rejected.

3. Poor English – 

If you’ve applied for Indian English position, you must have excellent comprehension and written communication skills at it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bachelor degree holder or a masters degree holder. It has nothing to do with English skills. Some people are simply bad in English. And I can’t teach you that. If your English ain’t good enough, at least apply for Hindi language positions. There are several projects for Hindi language as well. The same goes for applicants from other countries with different languages. One has to have an excellent communication and comprehension skills in their language of application.

4. Working For Other Similar Companies

There are similar companies like Leapforce such as – Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, Zerochaos and iSoftstone. Most of the time, you can’t work for all of them at the same time. They are very particular about it as their client is almost always the same i.e. Google or Facebook. In case of iSoftstone, it is Microsoft though. So even if you want to work for iSoftstone, and any other companies that has Google as their client, one has to always ensure that there is no conflict of interests.

5. Working From College Hostel

I am not too sure whether this affects your application being approved or rejected, but I do know for a fact that one is not allowed to work from a public place or anywhere that lacks privacy. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work from your hotel room. You can, as long as you are inside the room. Now, if you are a college student and you are using Wifi-hotspots, you don’t really have a privacy. That may be a cause for your rejection.

6. Bad CV

CV is your first contact with Appen or any other company that you have or will apply for. CV reveals who you are. So make it professional, but keep it simple stupid. It should definitely not have your photograph on it. I get a lot of questions from people asking me to help with their CVs. Well, I am sorry mate. I don’t do that job. There is something called Google. Make use of it to make a kick-ass CV.

7. Not seeing the email invite –

I applied for a friend as well and he thought that he wasn’t not invited. Then I scanned through his promotions inbox and saw the invite that was sent out to him just 3 weeks after  me applying for it.

But he didn’t notice it, and I can’t blame him for that. And now I have reasons to believe that many of you have not or might not notice the invite.

Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

The email invite would come from –

And when that email comes, this is how it looks on your laptop. It looks the same in mobile devices too.

Leapforce email invite

Please note that Appen acquired Leapforce in late 2017 and has re-branded it as Appen Connect. So you may not see that “Leapforce At Home Notice” in your laptop/desktop. You could see “Appen recruitment or somethin similar.

In mobile device only “agent-qualification” is visible. The main keyword “leapforce” is hidden from view if we don’t click through the email.

So anyone would think that this email is some scammy emails or something. I can’t blame you for that. So please take note of the email –

It is from that email that you would get the invitation to proceed further with your application.

So those are the reasons why your application may be rejected or you haven’t heard back from them. There might be other reasons too, but I believe these are the most likely ones.  If you haven’t signed up for Leapforce yet, sign up below


If you haven’t heard back from Appen, check out other companies HERE.

Use discretion and presence of mind to not be rejected at your first point of contact. Good Luck.


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 Originally published on Marc 17th 2017.


After making almost $3000 online, I started this blog to document my own journey as a search engine evaluator aka Google rater, bug hunter, website usability tester, and blogger. Now I teach others how to make money online through genuine work from home opportunities. I've been featured in Huffington Post among others. You can read more about my personal struggles and successes in making money online here.

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  1. Twinkle

    Hello! Your post is very informative 🙂 I just got a question, I have created an Appen account and started applying for projects. While browsing I’ve deleted a project that I’ve applied for by mistake, when I tried to log-in back my screen shows “Your account has been removed from our system.” I can no longer log-in even if I try to change/reset password. I emailed the “” but no response. I started to search google for possible answers and can’t find any. I hope you can share inputs regarding this, Thanks a lot!

    1. Sam

      Seems like your account has been removed from their system. You should be able to re-create a new account. Use a different email address to be in the safe side.

      1. Twinkle

        I tried creating a new account with a different email address but just receive a response saying

        “We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those under consideration will be contacted. You will only receive a future email from us if your qualification package has been reviewed and is under consideration.”

        The response is different unlike on my first application where I was able to proceed with the qualification process and applied for projects. Sad thing just minutes of browsing the available projects, my account has been removed from their system. Seems I cannot apply again because the ip address where the same even after using a different email. Anyway, I appreciate the quick response. Thanks again!

  2. Ronnie


    I have just submitted an application to Appen. I understand that I cannot work for both captain and leapforce ( or LionsBridge) simultaneously, but would it be advisable to play through all three companies to increase my odds of acceptance, then if accepted to more than one of them make my final decision at that point? Or could that potentially backfire on me?

    Also, since Google Circles no longer exist, do you happen to know if there is a replacement social media prerequisite?

    thank you in advance

    1. Sam

      Yes. You can apply to all the three companies (incuding to Raterlabs, if you are from US), to increase your adds of acceptance. It won’t backfire on you. Just don’t let them know that you’ve applied to all the three companies.

  3. Deepanker

    Hi i m from india
    I got a mail ” Thank you for completing the required forms. Your documents have been received, and after we review them, we will finalize your registration.
    A follow-up email will be sent if we notice any discrepancies in your paperwork. ”
    after submitting all details…so my query is…when they will contact me for the qualifying exam.?

    1. Sam

      It all depends on their requirement. It can be anywhere between few weeks to 2 months+.

    2. shivani garg

      Same here. @Deepanker, did they get back to you? After how much time?

  4. Claire

    Hi Sam

    I’m just about to qualify for the appen projects and I’m doing a lot of research online in preparation. I just signed up with appen when I was in the airport and I’m concerned that I’m going to be disqualified for having a different IP address when I take the qualifying exams. You have any idea what I can do about this? Thanks for your help.

  5. Connie

    Thank You for this information! I think I did in fact recently delete my Project Invitation “agent-qualification” from my SPAM Folder – Oh NO!!! I have since sent them an email apologizing and hoping they will resend it (we shall see…)
    However, my question to you is this: how different is Leapforce now that they have been procured by Appen???
    Has their hiring process and test procedures remained the same, can anyone tell me? Thanks for any info!

    1. Sam Narzary

      Go to your trash folder and see if its still available. If it is, you can hit restore.

      Everything is the same except for the pay rates for new raters. Appen has reduced the pay rates to like $11 per hour I guess for Americans. They have reduced the pay across all countries.

  6. Magarette

    I have been a part of leapforce once but it has been more than a year my contract expired. But I still get that invoice page when I log in.
    So can I now with a different Id and IP apply for being the agent. Will it work?
    Also, what about project Saluda and Tigris, are they active or I shouldn’t be bothered about them?

    1. Sam Narzary

      You should apply for whatever project you can see in your “All Projects” tab. Moreover, it is the contract with projects that ends, not with Leapforce. Don’t apply with different IP or ID, your name will still be the same and so will be your address. If you were on Yukon, your details aren’t removed from Evaluation platform for at least 6 months.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Jenna

    Hi – I recently applied to Leapforce and got to the stage where there are projects to qualify for. I clicked on a few and submitted the info required…. and then… what happens? The projects disappeared from the list (as opposed to saying in progress) and I haven’t gotten any emails. What should I be expecting?

    1. Sam Narzary

      I have heard this thing happened a lot. And I am so sorry to say this, I don’t really know why this happens and what you should be expecting. You can try out other similar sites like iSoftstone or Lionbridge.

  9. elijahcries

    Hi, thanks for all of this info!

    I hope it’s okay if I ask you some questions, as well.

    I’m wondering if Leapforce will hire me in this case: I worked for ZeroChaos for a couple of months right before their contract ended. Do you think that would be a conflict of interest for LF?

    Another thing nagging at me is the fact that I applied for Leapforce maybe a year and a half ago and I got as far as knowing that the available project was Yukon. I was supposed to take an exam and I never completed it. It was lost to cyberspace. Pretty sure I gave up on it around the time that I realized that ZeroChaos was interested in hiring me (such a bad mistake…)
    Do you think I’ve lost my chance? If I were to go and try to sign in again (somehow..) I don’t even know if it would work. Or even how to do that in the first place. Ugh.

    Anyways.. thanks in advance. Awesome article.

    1. Sam Narzary

      Thank you.

      If you’re American, don’t apply for Leapforce. Yukon is no longer available with Leapforce for Americans. Only social media evaluation positions are available for Americans which would hardly give you 1 hour per day.
      You can instead apply here and be a part – time employee.

      You would notice that the landing page for Leapforce and raterlabs is the same. It is because Raterlabs was created out of Leapforce, only for Americans. The hourly limit for week is 26 hours.

      Along with Raterlabs, You can apply to apply to iSoftstone here –

      You may check out Appen and Lionbridge as well.

      And never ever mention to them(especially to Lionbridge) that you have worked with other similar company.

      Let me know once you get some work. Good Luck.

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