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The Best Pinterest Courses You Need Today


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We all know how powerful Pinterest is to drive traffic, especially to a new blog. We’ve heard of all the success stories new bloggers are having with Pinterest.

This post will help you pick the right Pinterest course. This post will analyze some of the top-rated and raved-about Pinterest courses available in the market.

If you have been struggling to drive massive traffic to your blog via Pinterest, then one of these Pinterest training courses may be useful to you.

So without further adieu, here are the

Best Pinterest Courses for bloggers and small business owners –

  1. Making Pinterest Happen by Ana
  2. Pinterest Ninja by Megan
  3. Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell
  4. The Pinterest Launch Plan by Jennifer Maker
  5. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Alex and Lauren
  6. Pin Practical Masterclass by Monica Froese
  7. Pinning Perfect by Mylissa
  8. Pin to Profits by Mckinzie
  9. Paid by Pinterest by Elise
  10. Pinfinite Growth by Melyssa Griffin
  11. The Secret Sauce To Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic by Angela Mary Vaz

Before enrolling in or buying any Pinterest marketing course, we have to look for a few things in it.

What to look for in a Pinterest Course?

I have listed some of the most important factors to look for before buying any Pinterest course/e-book.

Here they are –

The reputation of the course creator

Know Thy Teacher

Would you be comfortable buying a weight loss course from me who has no formal training and expertise in the health and medical field? You won’t be, right?

The same is the case with Pinterest courses. There are hundreds of so-called Pinterest experts trying to sell us Pinterest courses every day. They claim that their formula works, that it’s the magic bullet we need to drive massive traffic.

It is very important for us to do some background research on those so-called experts, find out what other people or former students are saying about them, and not take everything they say to be the Gospel.

We also have to make sure that they are indeed experts in Pinterest and they are in fact being able to drive massive traffic via Pinterest to their own websites.

Results and success stories

Results speak louder than claims

How many life-changing success stories is the course credited with? How many bloggers swear by the course and recommend them?

These are some of the questions that we need to find the answer to before purchasing any Pinterest course.

Access to the course creator

Private Facebook groups?

Another factor to look for is how easily accessible is the course creator.

Does the course come with its own private Facebook group, or does the course creator has a general Facebook group for their blog?

Or is email the only way to ask questions?

Course Format

E-book or Lesson Format

Is the course in an e-book format or is it in lessons format where you got to log in to the actual course website to access it?

Is it text-based or video-based instruction?

What’s the price tag?

Is it affordable to me?

It doesn’t make much sense to spend hundreds of dollars on courses if you are just starting out.

The highly-priced course doesn’t mean that it is good. Sometimes, you might be surprised by what low-cost courses can offer you.

But the problem with low-cost courses is that you may not get access to the course creator easily. And it is understandable.

Mode of Instruction

Text-based or Video-based

Some of us like to read and reading is our preferred method of learning.

While some of us are highly audio-visual, meaning we need video-based instructions to learn new concepts.

Pinning Method

Manual or Automated

Now pinning on Pinterest can be manual or can be automated.

Some courses focus on manual pinning while some other focuses on automated pinning using Tailwind.

The freshness of the course

Is it up to date?

Pinterest algorithm changes all the time.

And if the Pinterest training course is not up to date and doesn’t tell you about the newest Pinterest algorithm updates, it isn’t worth buying it then, is it?

We have to make sure that a course or an e-book is frequently updated before deciding to purchase it.

Brief Overview of The Pinterest Courses

Let us go over each one of these courses listed above so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

1. Making Pinterest Possible

By Ana from The She Approach

Pinterest Course for bloggers - Making Pinterest Happen

Ana is a well-known blogging coach, Pinterest Strategist and successful blogger at “

She makes thousands of dollars per month through her blog via affiliate marketing, selling e-books, courses and through 1-on-1 blog consultation.

No wonder her course is extremely popular with bloggers.

What is in the course?

Free Video Training – How to create stunning Pinterest Graphics and Templates (For Free) in Canva.
Access to 17 case studies from bloggers and biz owners who have mastered Pinterest (+their best kept secrets).
170+ pages e-book with detailed strategies on how to get started with Pinterest, craft an advanced pinning schedule, and boost your blog traffic like a pro.
Tailwind voucher for new users ($30 value).
An invitation to her exclusive Tailwind tribe.

Is it e-book or a course format?

Its an e-book format. It is a pdf file of 179 pages as of writing this. It also has several videos.

Pinning Method

Her emphasis is more on the automated method using Tailwind. She has videos lessons teaching the same.

Access to the course creator

While she doesn’t have a private Facebook group, she can be reached via email.

Freshness of the course

The course is regularly updated. You get every course updates straight to your inbox

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

This ebook also helped me get accepted to Mediavine and increased my ad revenue by over 300% to the point where I’m earning between $40 to $70 per day from ads alone! Overall, Ana does make Pinterest VERY possible! I highly recommend her book if you are new to Pinterest and/or not seeing any results in your Pinterest traffic.

Ling from Finsavvy Panda

This is the most thorough eBook about Pinterest I have ever read, and I love the fact that Ana sends an updated version of it (for free) every time Pinterest changes something.
I was stuck at 15,000 views for months, and with the suggestions in this eBook, I finally grew to 49,000 monthly views!

Christina from The Blog for Teachers, Readers & Life

What is the cost?


I believe it is a massively under-priced for what it’s worth.


Great for beginners and intermediate bloggers with a tight budget.

Check it out HERE

2. Pinterest Ninja

Megan from

Pinterest Course _ Pinterest Ninja

Megan is a blogger, Pinterest coach, and course seller” making thousands per month.

Her course Pinterest Ninja is quite popular with mom bloggers and beginner bloggers in general.

What is in the course?

All the Beginner Essentials – How to set up Pinterest Business Account, claim your website, set up rich pins, and boards
How to start your own Pinterest Group board and look for contributors (Video)
Find Trending Keywords in Pinterest (Video)
Tailwind tutorial (Video)
Strategies for manual and scheduled pinning (Video)
Learn about PIN Conversion
Learn how Pinterest SEO and Pinterest Algorithm works.

Awesome Bonuses

  • How to start a profitable Facebook group.
  • 85 affiliate programs organized by blogging niche to join and start making money.
  • 4+ ways to market your affiliate products without any blog post.

Pinning Method

Her course focuses on both manual and automated pinning.


Its an e-book format with 7 video lessons.

Access to the course creator

This course has a dedicated Private Facebook Group where students can ask any questions.

She also holds a live monthly Facebook group training on pin conversion.

Freshness of the course

As of writing this, the course was last updated on March 15th, 2020.

Any updates to the course is automatically sent to the users’ inbox.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

After one month of using Pinterest Ninja and her personal consulting services, my traffic nearly doubled. I am no longer afraid to look at my Google Analytics.

Someto Ugwueze from

The minute I bought the book, I was hooked. It is filled with clear and tangible steps to keep you moving towards your goals. Even if you are really familiar with Pinterest, there is till so much you can get from Pinterest Ninja.

Amy Smith from

What is the cost?



Great for beginners who are looking to learn both manual and automated pinning.

Check out “Pinterest Ninja” HERE

N.B – You can also opt for personal audit of your Pinterest account in the course above.

3. Pinteresting Strategies

Carly Campbell from Mommy On Purpose

Pinterest Course for intermediate bloggers with unique approach to manual pinning.

Carly is a well-known blogger at Mommy On Purpose and teaches students affiliate marketing, Pinterest strategies, and much more at Blogging Like You Mean It.

She drives over 250,000 – 350,000 per month, the majority of it coming from using Pinterest. She consistently makes over 5 figures per month.

What is in the course?

This course is unique because it focuses heavily on manual pinning.

There are many bloggers that swears by it. The success stories of this course speaks for itself.

She has over 5000+ happy students and she don’t even market it. It got famous simply by word of mouth.

The course though is not for complete beginners, Carly recommends that you have at least 25 blog posts written before you invest in it.

Here are the highlights of the course.

Setting up your Pinterest profile for success.
Understanding user Intent
Understanding Pinterest SEO
Group Boards
Carly’s exact pinning strategy (Video)
Supplementing with Tailwind
Advanced Strategies for 2020


Free Facebook group with over 12,000+ where Carly herself is quite active.

Pinning method

Her course is unique and the only one that focuses entirely on manual pinning, instead of using automated tools like Tailwind.


It is in a course format with some video lessons.

Access to the course creator

She explicitly says that she won’t be able to help people 1-on-1 via emails due to the low price of the course.

However, she has an awesome private Facebook group with over 11,000+ members where she is very active.

Freshness of the course

Updated for 2020 with an additional module called – “Advanced Strategies for 2020

She also updated it with some bonus content about how to deal with Pinterest’s ups and downs.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Pinteresting Strategies has been a game-changer for us. We had never heard of using Pinterest to drive traffic to our blogs until we found Carly’s course. We implemented all the advice and within 3 months we were able to drive 40,000 visitors to our blog in a single month.

Russel, Unconventional Prosperity

I didn’t really start implementing her strategies (in Pinteresting Strategies) until about 2 weeks ago and oh boy, why did I wait? My average monthly view is currently at 196, 877 monthly average viewers!

Carly’s Pinterest strategies have exploded my Pinterest traffic. I started to implement her strategies in November and by January my Pinterest reach has gone from 700k to over 1 million. This ebook has really changed my Pinterest game.

Sireesha Narumanchi from




Great for beginner and intermediate bloggers. Unique approach to manual pinning. Many, many bloggers swears by it. 5000+ copies sold!

Check out Pinteresting Strategies

>> HERE <<


Carly has launched a new Pinterest Coaching program that you should be checking out today.

In it, you get an exclusive access to her private Facebook group (separate from the normal group, monthly live group calls, 10 custom pins per month and how to make 50-60 pins out of it (video tutorial).

Definitely check it out HERE

4. The Pinterest Launch Plan

By Jennifer Marker from

Pinterest Training Course

Jennifer is a home blogger – meaning she blogs about DIY, Crafts, home decor, blogging and others.

She gets over 750,000+ page views per month to her blog and earns over $150,000+ in gross revenue! That is insane!

Her Pinterest course is one of the cheapest in the market, yet extremely good one.

What is in the course?

This Pinterest course was born out of Jennifer’s experiment with Pinterest in which she took a brand new blog to over 774 sessions (1000+ PV) per day in under one month.

Here is what you get inside the course.

10 steps to drive traffic from Pinterest
Exactly what Jennifer did to take her brand new bog to over 774 sessios (1000+ PVs) per day in under 30 days.
Step-by-step video guide on how to set up an account, create strong boards with strong pins.
Find group boards that will work for you.
Copy Jennifer’s Tailwind method (Video Lesson).
Access to Google sheets to track your progress.


Bonus #1: Video lessons on how to claim website and install Google Analytcs, how to start and set up Boards, how to find, evaluate and join group boards.
Bonus #2: Video Lesson on Tailwind Scheduling, Tips and Tricks.


It is an e-book format of 101 pages. It has over 6 video lessons and 5 text-based lessons.

Pinning Method

Video lessons focuses on Tailwind scheduling and pinning.

Access to the course creator

She has a Facebook group with almost 5000 followers as of writing this. Many people posts their success stories after implementing the strategies in the e-book.

Freshness of the course

It was last updated on January 10th 2019.

We should expect 2020 update soon.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

I am a rule follower by nature so having Jennifer give me step by step instructions was exactly what I needed. I did everything she said to do, every single day, without fail.
In just three months my pageviews had grown from 3,000 to 40,000!! I gained 1,000+ subscribers in two months and got accepted with Mediavine.

Rachel from

I’ve been blogging for over a year and I’ve been pulling my hair out with Pinterest. One week after reading Jennifer’s ebook and I finally feel like I know what I’m doing. The best $27 I have ever spent. Thank you Jennifer!

Jenna D’Ambrosio Campbell from




Very popular and cheap, ideal for people with extremely tight budget.

Check it out HERE

N.B – They have 30 days refund policy.

5. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

By Alex and Lauren from Create and Go

Pinterest Training Course _Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. If you are looking for Pinterest Training with video lessons, then this is the one for you.

Alex and Lauren are the power couple of blogging. Together they run Create and Go and and make over $100,000 per month!

They drive majority of their traffic using Pinterest.

What is in the course?

The course has 8 modules with 25 videos.

And yes, this is a completely video only course, with over the shoulder, step-step guide to everything that you got to drive massive traffic from Pinterest.

Module 1 – Setting up your Pinterest account for success – organize group boards, pins, board covers and much more.
Module 2 – Automate blog traffic with pin scheduling.
Module 3 – Design your own customized pins.
Module 4 – Collaborate on group boards.
Module 5 – Track progress and analytics.
Module 6 – Use Pinterest for email collection.
and so much more


You also get following bonuses –

  • Worksheets and Checklists to track success ($47 value)
  • Get the Ninja Secrets Pinterest Bonus Lesson ($497 value)
  • Get updates as The Pinterest Algorithm Changes

Pinning Method

Heavy focus on automated pinning using Tailwind.


This is a complete video course. So if you are an audio-visual person and don’t like text based course much, then this course is for you.

Access to the course creator

You can ask them direct questions in their private Facebook group. Both Alex and Lauren will answer your questions.

The group alone is worth $47/m according to Alex and Lauren

You can also get helpful insights from the other members of the group regarding your Pinterest strategy and also keep track of new changes in Pinterest.

Freshness of the course

The course is update for 2020.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

I’ve completed 4 online courses about various marketing/social media-related topics, and yours was the only one that showed me real results after I put in the work.

My Pinterest traffic doubled in 4 weeks and continues to grow.

Amy from

I completed the PA course around the last week of December and in just a few weeks I am at over 1800 visits to my site per day.

From the Private Facebook group



Considering the fact that you get direct access to the course creators via their private Facebook group, this is well worth the cost.


Perfect for those who need audio-visual instructions and access to private support group.

Check out “Pinterest Traffic Avalanche” HERE

N.B – They have 60 days refund policy.

6. Pin Practical Masterclass

By Monica from RedefiningMom

Pinterest Course

Monica Froese is a well-known blogger at

In April 2015, she was even invited by the President of the United States to share her experience as a working mom.

What is in the course?

Her course is emphasizes a lot on email optins and then nurturing them for potential sale in the future.

We all know that the money is the email list right.

Here is what you get inside the course.

Step 1 – Set up Your Pinterest Business Profile, Confirm Your Website, and Set Up Rich Pins.
Step 2 – Rank for the Right Pinterest Keywords.
Step 3 – Create Clickable Pinterest Images
Step 4 – Set Up 10-15 Niche Specific Boards
Step 5 – Automate Your Pinterest Strategy with Tailwind
Step 6 – Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your Email List

And please note that all of it are video based instructions.


  1. Two free months of Tailwind
  2. One free month of Convertkit
  3. 14 day free trial of Leadpages
  4. Done for you Holiday Keyword Spreadsheet.

Pinning Method

Focuses on automated pinning.


It is a course format with 22, self-paced videos.

It provides, step-by-step over the shoulder video instructions on how to get everything done.

Access to the course creator

Via Free Facebook group that has over 5000+ members.

Freshness of the course

The course is updated for 2019.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Monica breaks it down in a simple and easy way. She allows you to see how to leverage Pinterest for your business. This is a must have course if your business deals in how-to content, course work or visuals

Dana from Boss Mom

I am slowly and steadily growing my Pinterest following and I get about 90% of my blog traffic from Pinterest. I recommend this course to anyone that needs help understanding how to use Pinterest to grow their traffic and email list.

Julie from Our Provident Homestead


$197 or 2 payments of $99


Great to drive targeted traffic straight to your email list and on to future sales. Great if you like video lessons.

Check out “Pin Practical Masterclass” HERE

No Money Back Guarantee

7. Pinning Perfect

By Melissa

Melissa is a 6 figure blogger who makes over $100,000 a year from her blog at

She has multiple courses online including a Pinterest course called Pinning Perfect which is pretty well known.

What is in the course?

Module 1 – Laying the foundation for Pinterest Success
Module 2 – Creating Pin Descriptions that drive traffic
Module 3 – Creating Killer images for Pinterest
Module 4 – Using boards to grow your traffic
Module 5 – Making Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly
Module 6 – Hacking your way to Pinnable Content
Module 7 – Putting it all together
Module 8 – Doing it Better and Faster
Module 9 – Analytics, Baby !


  1. 7 Gift Guide Templates for Canva and Photoshop
  2. 20 Pin Templates in Canva or Photoshop
  3. Pinterest Holiday Quick Start Guide

Pinning Method

Focuses on automated pinning more.


Combination of texts, images and videos. The videos are less though.

Access to the course creator

They have a private Facebook group.

Plus every month they conduct Live Facebook streaming where students can ask questions, get feedback and comments live in the group.

Freshness of the course

The course is updated every 6 months.

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Pinning Perfect has everything you need to get started on Pinterest marketing and be successful. No other course needed. This is why it’s the only Pinterest marketing course I endorse.

Kate Ahl, Simple Pin Media

Pinning Perfect changed the trajectory of my entire business. Using the methods taught in Pinning Perfect, I was able to quickly scale my traffic and thus my funnels, creating a large email list that was primed to buy.

Monica Froese, Redefining Mom



2 X $188

3 X $125


The course is great for beginner, intermediate and advanced bloggers. The price is a bit steep though.

Check it “Pinning Perfect” HERE

N.B. They have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

8. Pinfinite Growth

Melyssa Griffin

Pinterest Training Course

Melyssa Griffin is a very popular entrepreneur, course creator, blogger at MelyssaGriffin, and a teacher. She makes over $1 million+ every year from her business.

She used her Pinterest expertise to get over 300,000+ website visits and has over 200,000+ email subscribers.

Over 5000+ people have enrolled in this course and has found success.

She is also host of a podcast called Pursuit With Purpose.

Her courses are extremely popular with small business owner like you and me.

What is in the course?

The course has the following modules

Module #1 – Lay the Foundation
Module #2 – Tailoring your first impressions
Module #3 – Your Brand
Module #4 – Pinterest SEO
Module #5 – How To Use Group Boards + Tribes to grow your reach
Module #6 – How to schedule + Automate your pins
Module #7 – Analyzing your analytics for a boost in growth
Module #8 – Mega Email Growth List


Bonus #1 – Getting the most out of Tailwind Tribes with Melissa Megginson
Bonus #2 – Free Three Months of Tailwind ($30 Value)
Bonus #3 – How to use Promoted Pins to maximize your Pinterest Traffic ($197 value)
Bonus #4 – Private Student Facebook Community with over 4000+ students with lots of engagement ($397 Value)

Course Format

This is basically a video format course, but you also get transcripts and printable slides.

You also get 30 Page Course workbook to help you apply what you’ve learnt to your blog or business.

Pinning Method

Focuses on automated pinning.

Access to the course creator

They have a very active private Facebook group which is moderated by experts.

Sometimes Melyssa also drops by for a surprise live Q&A sessions

Freshness of the course

I personally reached out to them about the latest update of the course.

They said that it was last updated on June 2019 as nothing has really changed in Pineterest since then

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

This course has way too many success stories for me to mention.

Here are some of the notable ones.

In five months, my blog’s pageviews have quintupled (what a fun word!) from about 5,000 to over 25,000 pageviews per month. I am continuing to use Melyssa’s strategies and know that my Pinterest will continue to grow. I can’t recommend this course enough!


Pinfinite Growth has transformed my business. Last month, I was able to retire my husband from his fulltime job ! This month I’ve just had my first 5-figure sales month and this just blows my mind.


If there is one course I believe in, it is Pinfinite GrowthSince going through the course, I have gained over 4,000 followers and my blog has grown by 700%. Plus, 75% of my traffic is now coming from Pinterest! This course is truly amazing


Before enrolling in Pinfinite Growth, we were struggling to draw a strategy to use Pinterest in our business, but I’m happy to announce that we’ve now reached one million monthly viewers on Pinterest! The Pinfinite Growth Facebook Group was also key for this achievement. We’re now one of the leaders on zero waste and sustainability content on Pinterest thanks to Pinfinite Growth.

Cristina & Christelle


  • $397 or
  • $97 X 5


If you have the money and is somebody who can learn only via video instruction, then definitely go for it

Check out “Pinfinite Growth” HERE

N.B. They have a 14-days, no questions asked money back guarantee.

9. Pin To Profits


Pinterest Traffic Course

Mckinzie is a well-known blogger at and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, among others.

She is a 6-figure blogger and her courses are well-received by mommy bloggers and small business owners.

What is in the course?

Pin to Profits is a 5-in-1 course that will take from a Pinterest newbie to a Pinterest rockstar.

Here are the 5 courses, you will get inside-

Course #1 – Foundation: Learn everything from how to pin, how to design, Pinterest SEO and more.

Course #2 – Beginners Bundle: Learn everything about Tailwind, and get some Pinterest graphic templates and premium stock photos.

Course #3 – Affiliate Marketing: Learn how to make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing tricks and tips that over 600+ happy students applies
Course #4 – List Building & Funnels: Learn how to create opt-ins, landing pages and monetize your list.

Course #5 – Promoted Pins: Learn how to scale your blogging income for pennies per click.


The course also comes with following bonuses.

Bonus #1 – Spreadsheet list of 587 group boards in 11 niches ($50 value).
Bonus #2 – 20 styled stock photos ($50 value)
Bonus #3 – 2 months free Tailwind ($30 value)
Bonus #4 – 8 Customizable Canva Templates ($30 value)
Bonus #5 – Canva and Google slides Opt- In Templates
Bonus #6 – Exclusive Students Only Community ($47/mo value)

Pinning Method

Focuses on automated pinning.


This is a video + text format course. It has over 26+ video lessons and and text lessons with worksheestsand printables.

Access to the course creator

Mckinzie responds to student questions directly in the students only community.

Freshness of the course

What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Here are some of the testimonials about this course.

I had Pin to Profits on my course wish list for a while after taking the free Pinterest Primer course, and it did not disappoint! Within just days of going through the course, I noticed my Pinterest traffic and email subscribers skyrocket!”

Angela, Natural Born Mommy.

I found the video tutorials very helpful, as she walks you through the pin scheduling process step by step. I learned something new in every module, and the bonuses are awesome! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their traffic with Pinterest!

Cristina, Heart, Home & Travel

Thanks to your courses I’ve been working as a Pinterest VA for the last 7 months since I completed Pins to Profits. I currently have five clients while still working full time. I spend about 10 hours a week on my Pinterest services and make about $2,000 month

Cecily, Pinterest VA, CecilyAvila.Com



3 X $147/mo


Great for people looking for video lessons and promoted pins.

Check out “Pin To Profits” HERE

N.B – They have a 30 days money back guarantee

10. Paid By Pinterest

By Elise McDowell

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Course - Paid By Pinterest. This e-book is Great Pinterest Training for business

Elise is a 6-figure businesswoman, speaker, author, and blogger at She is the host of Happy Wealth podcast, creator of Abundant AF money mindset and manifestation course

She teaches passive income creation, wealth manifestation and how to sell digital products.

Her courses are raved about for its unique, no-fluff content .

What is in the course?

Inside the course, you get no fluff, no BS, straight to the point advice and strategies on how to get your first affiliate sell withing 24 hours. Like literally !

You will learn exactly

Learn the basics you need to jumpstart your success with Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest, find an affiliate product to promote and learn where to find the best group boards to increase your affiliate sales.
Learn how to create a perfect pin from start to finish, using using Canva with the help of this step-by-step tutorial.
Learn her exact Tailwind promotional strategy that made her pins go viral and has 3x her income on auto-pilot.


The course also coems with following bonuses.

Bonus #1 – A 45-minute workshop on how to increase traffic, subscribers & sales
Bonus #2 – The ultimate resource for over 1000+ Pinterest group boards in all niche’s
Bonus #3 – The killer ebook $10k in 12 months (Value: $25)


Majority of the content is in video format.

Access to the course creator


Freshness of the course


What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Here are few of the success stories of this course.

When I didn’t make my first sale within 24 hours, I was a bit disappointed but within two weeks, I was making affiliate sales almost every day. I still can’t believe it.

Gemma, Seaside Sundays

I devoured the ebook. I took three pages worth of notes, I created a strategy of my own and I started implementing it right away. Did it take 24 hours to make my affiliate sale? No. It took about 30. But the ebook delivered on its promise and I have already made back in affiliate sales what I paid for the book (by promoting only one product so far

Ana, The She Approach

Before her eBook, I was making $0 in affiliate income and I couldn’t figure out why. A week after I implemented her strategy, I made a $5 sale and it felt like I had hit the lotto

Dyana, A Debt Free Journey

I was skeptical about paying $25, but after doing research and discovering that some experts charge $150 – $200 for their e-books, I jumped right on it. Her simple method worked for me and I’ve made almost $100 just one month into blogging.

Taylor, Right Side of Twenty




Great for people who wants to make affiliate sales on Pinterest with or without a website. Low cost is an added bonus.
Hands down the Best Pinterest Marketing course.

Ready to make your first sale within 24 hours?

Check out “Paid By Pinterest” HERE

11. The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Traffic

Angela Mary Vaz

Pinterest course for bloggers

Angela is an illustrator, graphic designer and blogger at StrayCurls.

She has been featured in over 10+ prominent GAG, The Bright Side, The Insider, among others.

What is in the course?

This course is not just a Pinterest course. In it, you will learn much more than that.

She is somebody who took her newbie blog with 0 income to over $3000+ per month income within 5 months.

Here is what you will learn inside –

Module #1: Learn the fundamentals
Module #2: Creating engaging content that not only entices but converts!
Module #3: All about keywords
Module #4: Learn to write content that Google adores
Modulel #5: SEO to gain long-term traffic
Modulel #6: Growing your blog exponentially
Module #7: Powerful networking tips
Module #8: Social Media Strategies


The course also comes with following bonuses

Bonus #1: A workbook that will help you identify your ideal Reader Profile!
Bonus #2: Email template swipe file
Bonus #3: A PDF containing list of over 50+ Facebook Groups for bloggers of every niche.


180+ page of e-book

Access to the course creator


Freshness of the course


What are people saying about it? Results they are getting from it.

Would recommend this to anyone who wants to put a strong foot forward in the blogging world and not look aimless and confused while making money on the side.

Pallavi Juneja, Pallavi Juneja

I wish I would have had this book when I started blogging. I spent so much wasted time and money that I could have saved myself.

Plus I learn a few strategies I had never heard anyone else mention before. So happy I have this book. Thanks Angela!

Heather, Stressed Mommy




Great for beginner bloggers. Well-rounded course to get traffic from Google via SEO, social media and specially from Pinterest.

Check out the e-book HERE


Let me make picking the right course/e-book for you easier. Let me classify the above discussed courses for you.

Pinterest Course for Beginner Bloggers

If you are just a beginner blogger and wants a complete course on Pinterest, then these are good fit for you –

  1. Making Pinterest Possible ($35)
  2. Pinterest Ninja ($69)
  3. The Pinterest Launch Plan ($27)

Best Pinterest Course for Intermediate Bloggers

If you’ve at least 25 blog posts published or is looking to publish soon, and you are looking for a unique course with a manual pinning strategy, then go with the course –

  1. Pinteresting Strategies ($47)

Of all the courses discussed here, Pinteresting Strategies has sold the highest number of copies.

Pinterest Course for Bloggers that loves video training

If you want are somebody who loves video training, behind the shoulders instructions, then go with this –

  1. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche ($197)
  2. Pin Practical Masterclass ($197)
  3. Pinfinite Growth ($349)
  4. Pin To Profits ($397)

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Course

If you are looking for a Pinterest affiliate marketing course – that is a Pinterest course that focuses on increasing your affiliate sales using Pinterest, then check out this course –

  1. Paid By Pinterest ($47)

Some people has gone on to get their first sale within 24 hours after implementing the strategies taught in the e-book above!

Other Pinterest course

If you are looking to ramp up your traffic using not only Pinterest traffic but also via Google traffic and other social media channels, then check out this course –

  1. The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Traffic ($29)

So that is a complete guide to some of the best Pinterest courses for bloggers, business owners and affiliate marketers.

Let me know if I missed a course that you think deserves a mention here by commenting below.

Pinterest Coaching

If you are looking for Pinterest coaching, then you got to definitely check out Carly Campbell’s new Pinterest training –

  1. Pinteresting Pins On Autopilot.

In it you get –

  • 10 beautiful customize able pin templates – 5 templates of 750×1550 and another 5 templates of 1000×1500 dimensions.
  • Step-Step Video Tutorial on how to create 4-6+ pin variations from a single template, using free photo editing tool called Canva.
  • Exclusive Facebook group.
  • Monthly Group calls on what is working on Pinterest now.
  • Live Q&A on student’s questions.

I wrote an in-depth review about it HERE.

If you already have a Pinetrest account, you know how to pin, you are also a member of some Group boards/Tribes, but you are not seeing any traction, then may be your pin design sucks.

That’s where this Pinterest coaching comes in to play. Read about it HERE


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