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Build Blog Freedom Fast Track Review: SEO + Affiliate Marketing Course

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In your blogging journey, you will come across a lot of courses. You will find that some of them are great, some are okay, some are overpriced, and some are just plain BS.

I came across Build Blog Freedom Fast Track last year and it has transformed my blogging game.

This post will talk about the course in detail, the creator of the course, my personal experience, and how it grew my blog to where it is today.

I have a different keyword research strategy now, a strategic plan for each post I write, a clear-cut plan to monetize each new post I publish, thanks to the techniques and methods I’ve learned in the course.

Since enrolling in it, I have had multiple posts featured by Google, multiple posts at the top 10 and I rank for several keywords. I will show you everything in this post. Read on.

In this post, you will learn

A little background about Sharon – her story, websites, case studies
Course Content
Course Delivery & Course Content – Drip, Content, UI
Private Support
Success Stories
My personal experience and the journey so far
Why you should or shouldn’t take this course?
Refund Policy
Over to you

SEO Is Not Just Off-Page, On-Page and On-Site. It is much more than that.

Learn the Advanced SEO Strategies for 2021 for Free.

Know Thy Teacher: A little bit about Sharon Gourlay

Sharon Gourlay is the creator of Build BlogFreedom Fast Track. She is the founder of the blog Digital Nomad Wannabe where she talks about successful blogging and creating the life of your dreams through strategic planning and execution.

Stay at home mum, a former high school teacher to building a 6 figure business online, while also traveling full time (90+ countries!), and being a full-time awesome parent, is no mean feat.

And she ain’t someone who makes money by telling others how to make money online. She ain’t one of those fake-ass gurus.

This blog also tells others how to make money online. But I actually made money online myself by being a Google Rater, website tester and bug hunter. It was only after 6 -7 months of making money online (almost $3000) did I start this blog.

She actually sold off her niche travel blog which was making a good 6 ($150,000+) figures a year! Who has the audacity to do that?

Sharon has the habit of constantly building new sites from scratch, making it profitable, and selling it off for 10-30 x of monthly revenue that the site generates.

She has been building up niche sites since 2016 – 17 and has built multiple niche sites since then. She has sold off most of them except for the few ones, which she is still building. All these sites are in completely different niches like – Amazon affiliate sites (3 of them), Lifestyle, Destination Guide, etc.

The fact that she regularly builds new sites, take to a level where it makes good money and sells them off, is itself a testament of the efficacy of her methods.

And she teaches everything in this course – the techniques that actually work in 2020, the strategies that she herself implements daily so that you longer have to guess and swing in the dark.

Course Content: What do you get inside?

Build Blog Freedom Fast Track is divided in to following chapters

  • Orientation
  • Defining your niche
  • Setting up your blog for success
  • Becoming a keyword Ninja
  • Everything you need to know about affiliates
  • SEO + Affiliate Marketing: Secrets for Passive Income
  • Implementation Week
  • Link Building: The Key To More Traffic
  • Implementation Week
  • Optimizing Existing Contents
  • What Next? Planning For Continual Success.

Day 1: Orientation

You get access to this chapter immediately after you enroll. This chapter focusses on content release dates, confidentialities, and other legal stuff, getting the most out of this course, 3 stages of blogging success, and mastering your mindset.

My Take

I didn’t even know that blogging is all about mindset. This section sets the foundation for blogging success in your mind before you even get started on your blog. The mindset shift in this module can have a massive influence in your future blogging success”

Week 1: Defining Your Niche

You get access to this chapter 24 hours after you’ve enrolled. This comes after the orientation module that we covered above. This module goes over the need to be strategic and clear about your niche, annual goal-setting, and breaking it down actionable monthly goals.

My Take

Long term goal, broken down in to monthly actionable goals is the key to consistent blogging effort and eventual success. This module helped me to be very clear about my niche and realize the competitive advantage my blog has over others’ blog.

Week 2: Setting up your blog for success

This module is where things get interesting. This module stresses the importance of proper site structure in SEO. No, it is not just about changing permalinks. We all know about it. It’s much more than this.

My Take

There are teeny-tiny little things that affect search rankings. This module helped me to re-organize my site and make it more SEO-friendly.

Week 3: Becoming a Keyword Ninja

SEO is founded on Keywords. This module covers everything you need to know about SEO and more. You will see the exact step-by-step video instruction on how Sharon goes about finding great keywords, and how she incorporates them in her articles.

My Take

The over the shoulder keyword research video in this module is a complete game changer. That coupled with the keyword planner spreadsheet is a lethal combo.

Week 4 : Everything You Need To Know About Affiliates

This module deep-dives in to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. You will learn about the “key” to success in affiliate marketing.

My Take

Understanding the “key” to affiliate success can be a light-bulb moment for most of you. It was for me.

Week 5: SEO+Affiliate marketing – The Secrets For Passive Income

In this module, you learn to write product buying guides, rank on the first page of Google, and convert any readers that land on your website into buying customers, over and over again.

My Take

You lay the foundation of passive income one brick (think money making posts) at a time till you’ve stacked a lot of them and you make a good income.

Week 6: Implementation Week

In this module, you are encouraged to catch up with all the lessons just in case you’ve slacked behind or write new buying guides using the keyword strategy and affiliate marketing tips taught in the previous module.

My Take

This is the time really implement what you’ve learnt so far by writing additional buying guides that convert.

Week 7: Link Building – The Key To More Traffic

This module is all about link-building, increasing your authority, getting better rankings, and eventually more traffic. It teaches you different methods of link building and how to get them quickly.

My Take

Links from other websites are seen as up-votes by Google. The more links (up-votes) you have, the better is it for your rankings.

Week 8: Implementation Week

This week is where you build new links to your newly published buying guide(s). This is also the week to revisit the lessons learned so far and revisit your strategy.

My Take

Solidifying the authority of your buying guides that you had written after thorough keyword research using Sharon’s methods, is the key to solid Google rankings.

Week 9: Optimizing Existing Posts – The Key To More Success

This module will go over how to strategically optimize your existing posts for SEO and income.

My Take

Existing posts when repurposed strategically can bring in tons of extra traffic to your site.

Week 10: What Next? Planning For Continual Success

This module will go over how to effectively track your progress and plan for continued success. It has some bonus materials on how to use the bonus courses.

My Take

Continuous tracking and tweaking, if necessary, is the key to progress.

Course Delivery & Course Content

Course Delivery

The course is delivered in a drip method format, which in my opinion is a good thing.

Think about it, how many courses do we buy and not complete? Dozens right? I believe it is because we get instant access to all the course materials and lessons, and our initial excitement dies down within few days and we end up not anticipating anything and not doing anything because we have lifetime access.

I’ve been guilty of it. And most likely you have been to.

The drip-method delivery of this course eliminates that problem.

You get access to the first module “Orientation” instantly. After that, you get access to weekly modules every subsequent week.

Here is a simple infographic depicting the course delivery timeline –



How to master Mindset,
learn about 3 Stages of blogging success


Defining Your Niche

How to define your niche via Strategic Planning – annual goal broken down in to monthly actionable steps


Setting Up Your Blo For SEO Success

How to Structure your site and make it SEO-friendly


Becoming A Keyword Ninja

How to find Great Keywords using Step-by-step video tutorial


All About Affiliates

Learn what is the key to affiliate marketing success


SEO + Affiliate Marketing

Learn the key to passive income


Implementation Week

You implement whatever you’ve learnt in this week


Link Building

Learn how to build links and build authority


Implementation Week

This week is when you implement everything you’ve learnt so far.


Optimizing Existing Posts

How to Re-purpose content in a very strategic way


Planning For Continual Success

How to track progress and tweak some things if needed.


Course Content

The course is a mix of text lessons, videos, audios, checklists, assignments, and so on.

Orientation Module has 7 chapters in total with 1 video lesson and 1 audio lesson along with 7 mindset tasks to complete.

Defining Your Niche (Week 1) module has 5 chapters with 1 video lesson, 5 audio lessons, 2 worksheets to complete.

Setting Up Your Site For Success (Week 2) module has 4 chapters, no video or audio, and 7 worksheets/assignments to complete.

Becoming A Keyword Ninja (Week 3) module has 3 chapters with 4 video lessons, 1 audio lesson, 1 spreadsheet and 1 checklist.

Everything You Need To Know About Affiliates (Week 4) module has 4 chapters, 2 video lessons, 2 audio lessons, 1 spreadsheet, and other lessons.

SEO + Affiliate Marketing : The Secrets For Passive Income (Week 5) module has 3 chapters, 6 video lessons, audio lessons, 1 pdf checklist file, and 1 spreadsheet.

Implementation Week (Week 6) module is all about implementing everything that you will have learned so far.

Link Building: The Key To More Traffic (Week 7) module has 3 chapters, 4 audio lessons, 1 video lesson (in advanced section), and others.

Implementation Week ( Week 8) module is all about implementing whatever you’ll have learned so far.

Optimizing Existing Posts – The Key To More Success (Week 9) module has 5 chapters, 4 video lessons, 3 audios, and 1 pdf file checklist.

What Next? Planning For Continual Success (Week 10) module has 4 chapters, 1 spreadsheet, and multiple to-do lists.

N.B. Please note that the contents inside the course are frequently updated. The details above are accurate as of April 2020.

Course Design – UI

I don’t know what LMS Sharon uses to deliver the course. It is not one of these popular learning management systems that I’ve tested and used – WPCourseware, LearnDash, LearnPress, etc.

Few things that I don’t like about the content layout are –

  • It doesn’t have an option to hide/show sidebar that contains the course chapters
  • It doesn’t have an option to mark the lesson “complete”
  • Sometimes we have to click around, go to a new lesson of a different bonus course to complete certain exercises. It can be a bit confusing.

In other words, I am talking about Udemy or Thinkific or Teachable type sidebars that can be made to hide or show up as and when we want them to.

But it is not a big issue. We get used to it.

If you are somebody who is used to sliding sidebars (that contains the chapters), as is commonly seen in courses hosted in Teachable or Udemy or Thinkific, or in WordPress LMS plugins such as WP Courseware or Learndash, it might take you some time to get used to content payout.

But like I said, it is non-issue, just a slight inconvenience in the beginning.

Private Support

The course comes with a private Facebook group that Sharon herself runs along with the moderator, Ellie.

Most of the time, it is Sharon who answers all of the queries. Other members also chime in occasionally.

What I like about the private support –

  • You can ask anything, no question is stupid right
  • Very small, tight-knit group. It only had 202 members, excluding Sharon and Ellie, as of April 2020.
  • No questions go unanswered.


Who doesn’t like bonuses right?

This course comes with following bonuses –

  1. Bonus #1 – Affiliate Marketing Freedom ($197 value)
  2. Bonus #2 – SEO Freedom ($297 value)
  3. Bonus #3 – Optimizing Old Posts For Success ($97 value)
  4. Bonus #4 – How To Start A Money Making (Second) Blog
  5. Bonus #5 – Affiliate Disclosure Template ($17 value)

Add the private Facebook group ($500 value) to it, you get bonuses worth $1108 for free.

Success Stories

We judge a course by how many success stories it has created right. I am happy to tell you that this course has many success stories as is being mentioned here.

Here are some of them –

I’ve been applying the techniques learned in the course for almost three months. During this time, my monthly page views have almost doubled, from 27K to 52K. 92% of that traffic is organic search.

Ingrid Truemper

Second-Half Travels

I started my new site in January. It’s now March. I do no social media promotion.
Using Sharon’s techniques and expert advice, I now have a site that runs 100% on Google search traffic and makes between $5 and $15 USD daily (from affiliate and Adsense) with well under 100 pageviews a day, and exactly 7 published articles.

Emma Hayley

Little House Lovely Home

Why you should or shouldn’t take this course?

Look if you’ve plateaued in your blogging journey, both in terms of income and traffic, and you want to go to the next level, then this course is definitely for you.

If you want a strategic plan for each and every blog post and if you want to find such keywords which would give the maximum chance to rank in Google, then this course is for you.

If you want to up your overall blogging game, look no more. This is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you’re already making high 5 figures per month, then this course is probably not for you.

If you are satisfied at where you are now in your blogging journey, then this course is probably not for you.


Simply enrolling in to this course is not going to guarantee you your success.

You should be –

  • willing to unlearn and re-learn
  • open to feedback
  • able to put in the work
  • be able to follow the instructions

Keyword Research Tool

The course uses a very cheap and effective keyword research tool to find awesome keywords and plan your content around it.

No, you wouldn’t need to spend almost $100 per month in keyword research tool.

This tool will hardly cost you $15 bucks.

You would need Keysearch to be able to work out the lessons inside. Throughout the entire course, you would be using the tool.

If you’re already using other paid tools, I would highly recommend you to try out Keysearch here. If you aren’t using any other keyword research tool, then, you should definitely check out the Keysearch tool here.


The Build Blog Freedom Fast Track comes with a price tag of –

  • $597 (One Time)
  • $97 * 7 months ($679)

Although the price is a bit steep, you would be surprised at the content inside, the support Sharon provides in the private FB group.

Sharon is running a flash sale on her course. She is offering a massive discount of $147 for a very limited time.

This offer has expired

Refund Policy

Here is the catch, if you don’t like the course, you can ask for full-refund within 7 days.

They’ve got no questions asked, 7 days refund policy.

Over To You

We all want to go to that next level. We all want to hit that monthly target. We all want freedom, financial freedom, freedom to work from anywhere anytime.

Sometimes the best way to achieve that is to learn from somebody who’ve been there, done that, and is living that lifestyle we want to live ourselves.

It is time we –

Stop Reading Others’ Success Stories, And Start Creating Our Own

Build Blog Freedom Fast Track Review

Sam Narzary

Course Content (SEO +Affiliate)
Course Delivery
Support (Private Facebook Group)
Course UI (Navigation)
Sharon’s Expertise


Extremely thorough, step-by-step SEO guide on combining SEO with affiliate marketing. Sharon’s easy to approach and her subject matter expertise is unquestionable.


Also, remember to check out this free training on SEO Strategies that work in 2021 –

You can also listen to her blogging podcast where she gives incredible value for free – HERE


After making almost $3000 online, I started this blog to document my own journey as a search engine evaluator aka Google rater, bug hunter, website usability tester, and blogger. Now I teach others how to make money online through genuine work from home opportunities. I've been featured in Huffington Post among others. You can read more about my personal struggles and successes in making money online here.

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