Maintaining and running a website requires a lot of tools and resources. Here are some of them that I use daily.

1) PicMonkey – All the images that you see in my blog are edited and designed using PicMonkey. It is an aswesome tool and I would be dead without it. I don’t use Adobe Photoshop and I could never learn it. This tool is anyone who wants simple interface, yet powerful enough to do anything they want like editing featured blog images (like the ones you see on my blog) or designing T-Shirts. Try it Out Here


2) SitegroundThis website is hosted in Siteground. They provide very good service. After migrating my site         from Bluehost to Siteground (they migrated everything for free), my site speed has increased and they have, hands down, the best customer service. And they care for small bloggers like you and me as well, unlike others. Here is a 70% discount on hosting via my link. See how you can take your website live within 5 mins with Siteground with this step-step video instructions, which is impossible with other hosting providers.


3) Screencastomatic – I use this to create screencast videos. If you want to create a video recording of your computer screen, this is what you can use. Be it tutorial like photo editing, T-Shirt design, logo, design, you can use this application for anything.

4) Divi Builder I am a lifetime, premium member of Elegant Themes. While I don’t use Divi builder in this website, I use it in my other website to build its landing pages for my course. You can check out the landing page here and see if you would like to try out Divi. Or check out Divi and see how easy it is to build websites on the front end.

5) Learndash LMS – Want to create your own course, right in your website’s sub-domain and not host it in other platforms and pay them monthly? Then use LeanrDash. I have tried many LMS plugins, but this by far is the best in my opinion. It is very customizable and they have the best support. I am talking about 1 hour messenger calls just to help you out.  They have the most active Facebook Page,  If your course would have many quizzes, then this LMS plugin will be your life saver.

6) WP Courseware – This is another LMS plugin which is good for building courses. If your course is not quiz based, then this is another good option. Caitlin Pyle from Proofread anywhere created a million dollar course with this.

7) Keysearch – This is the tool that got me hooked me to Keyword research. Before this tool, I could never do keyword costs as the cost of most keyword research tools are prohibitively costly and they don’t have half the features of what this tool has. Check out Keysearch here.