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Positive Steps I am taking to grow my blog during this pandemic

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Being confined to a tiny-ass apartment due to Coronavirus lockdown can be really stressful. It feels suffocating and claustrophobic.

But on the other hand, it has also given us distraction-free time to really look deep inside and focus on ourselves, our businesses and our relationships.

I am doing my best to leverage this lockdown and take my blog to the next level.

Here are the steps that I’ve taken to grow my blog so far –

Optimizing old post with keywords that I am already getting clicks for, but haven’t used those in the post yet, using Sharon’s method as outlined here.
Promoting more lead gen offers as they convert really well.
Building better CTAs by designing better blocks for it in Gutenberg.
Writing more buying guides as per the keyword plan that I studied in the Build Blog Freedom Fast Track course.
Changed the url, title structure and meta getting a good traffic surge in the process (not recommended for all).

To grow my blog even further, here are the steps that I will be taking in the next couple of days/weeks –

Engage with my email list and give them freebies. After around 3 weeks of engagement, I will start promoting paid offers to them.
Create a free course (using Wp Courseware or Learndash) that I use) and upsell a low-priced course when they checkout with the free course.
Build backlinks to my blog and increase my DA using methods in Sharon’s course. My DA is going down, down and down and it is painful to watch that.
Have a static homepage and better CTA to my course and other freebies that I am working on. I feel like my homepage sucks at the moment.
Experiment with sidebars.
Promote my course by reaching out to bloggers in my niche.
Create in-depth how-to tutorials.

I am pretty sure this horrific pandemic will be over soon. And things will be okay again.

Businesses will be back to normal, people will start buying again, people will be traveling again, and our blogs be better prepared for that!


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