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Earn $14 per hour as Search Engine Evaluator

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Search Engine Evaluators are people who evaluate various websites in Google (or Bing), and rate and rank them according to various Google Guidelines, to make sure that the most helpful results are shown in the top page of Google.

There are complex algorithms that Google uses to make sure that only the best results are shown at the top. But there is only so much that algorithms can do. That’s where Google Search Engine Evaluators comes in to play. Yes, they do use humans to help them rate and evaluate websites.  And you my friend, could be one of those evaluators.



There are many companies that hires search engine evaluators.  But I am going to discuss only about one company here since I currently work with them as a search engine evaluator.

You can be a search engine evaluator by signing up below

I have applied for and tried to work for other companies, but nothing beats Leapforce. The response and the support that you get from here is awesome. You feel like you are cared for and supported by them.



Leapforce pays a decent amount per hour, but the rate differs from country to country. Here are the current hourly rate for different locations around the world.

US    –     $13.5

UK and rest of Europe –  $14

India and others  –  $7

Now that, my friend is  a lot of money if you live in India and other third world countries.  Heck, I can make more money by just sitting in my room and working less than 100 hours than people who work in MNCs as IT or software professionals here in India.

If you work for just 160 hours a month, one can make $1120 ( Rs 74450) if you are from India and other third world countries.  And that is an awesome income in countries like India where the per capita income is less than $1500 a year.

If you are an American that translates to ( 13.5 * 160 hours) $2160 a month which is more than the minimum wage. Moreover, American workers are eligible to be Preferred Agents (PA) of Leapforce which pays $16 an hour. They are also eligible for bonuses when there are too much of workload and the client needs the work finished off.

Update : Americans are no longer hired as search engine evaluator by Leapforce. Read the annoucement here . They can still work as social media evaluator with Leapforce though.




  • Awesome pay for Indians and other third world countries.
  • Above minimum wage pay in all countries.
  • No upfront investment, all you need is a laptop, smartphone (Android or iOS), and internet connection.
  • You decide where to work from and when to work, as long as you are in the country of your origin.
  • You have flexibility and time to pursue your hobbies and interests.
  • If you are a stay at home mom, there isn’t a better work at home opportunity than this.
  • You can have more time to be with your loved ones, because at the end of the day that is what that matters most.
  • Take vacations whenever you want.
  • Freedom from nagging bosses and annoying colleagues.




  • You are not the employee of Leapforce. You won’t be getting employee benefits as you would in a 9 to 5 job.
  • The work load varies. Sometimes there is a lot of works while at other times work may be hard to trickle by. Raters from US and other European countries is not affected much by it though.
  • This is a contractual position where your contract would be renewed every six months based on your performance.




Leapforce (review) has been a lifesaver for me. I used to work in Teleperformance, Gurgaon and had left that company to join ELI Research, Cyber City Gurgaon,  as Business Development Executive. Things felt through, it didn’t happen as I had wanted it to be. Shit happens right?

It was at that time of frustration and anger that I found out about Leapforce as I was looking for work at home opportunities. And trust me, I am more than thankful to Leapforce.  The support from admins and the community atmosphere there is awesome and professional.



Absolutely ! Among all the work at home opportunities that bloggers with millions of views touts and tries to sell to you, this opportunity to work as an evaluator, is not only legit but it is also absolutely free.

There are no startup costs here, no investment required. All you need is a laptop or a desktop, a smartphone ( Android or iOS, Windows phones are not supported), and an internet connection.  Hell they don’t even asks for degree!

If you have a new year’s resolution to make 2018 a better year in terms of personal finance, quality time and freedom from 9 to 5, this my friend is your baby step.

Sign up below through this link, if you haven’t already done so. And remember to use gmail.


For a full review of Leapforce, read this.



Search Engine Evaluator Course qualification is a tough tough one. Hardly 1 out of every 100 applicants gets through it. The minimum passing score required is 87%.

Since I have been working as a Search Engine Evaluator since June December 2016 ( you can read my earliest blog posts from December 2016 right here, if you don’t believe me.Check out the date the post was published), I have an authority and expertise at this field.

I have been working on a course for almost 2 months now. Its finally complete and I can guarantee that it is the best search engine evaluator training  course our there.

I didn’t start a course, out of the blue claiming, that I have been working as an evaluator for over 2 years now. Everyone knows that I have been working as one since June 2016. As soon as you check the archives of my website, you would know what I mean.

You will be tremendously benefited by my experience. You would greatly benefit by getting a direct access to me.

So check out the course below and sign up today.

Appen/Leapforce, Lionbridge and Raterlabs are hiring now! Don’t miss this opportunity.


Check this out






After making almost $3000 online, I started this blog to document my own journey as a search engine evaluator aka Google rater, bug hunter, website usability tester, and blogger. Now I teach others how to make money online through genuine work from home opportunities. I've been featured in Huffington Post among others. You can read more about my personal struggles and successes in making money online here.