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Leapforce (Appen) vs Lionbridge vs Raterlabs

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Leapforce/Appen vs Lionbridge vs Raterlabs comparison post

This blog post seeks to find out which amongst the three is the best company to work for when it comes to search engine evaluation work.

Please note that Leapforce as a company no longer exists. It has been acquired by Appen and its website, logo and everything has been branded as Appen now.

So Leapforce and Appen are the same thing here.

And honestly, every company has there own pros and cons.

Look at the table below to find out which one suits you.

Hires worldwide for all positions except Americans who wants to work as search engine evaluator.Hires worldwide for all positions except Americans who wants to work as search engine evaluator.Only for Americans
One can work for unlimited number of hours except for Brazilians who are limited to 10-20 hours per week.Their hours are limited, ranging from 20 – 30 hours per week.
They give bonus hours of up to 15 hours per week when the task load is high.
Fixed 26 hours per week
Apart from search engine evaluator position one can work in multiple projects at the same time.Has multiple projects but one person can only work at one project at a time.
Only search engine evaluator project is available.
Candidates are hired as independent contractors for 6 months. Candidates are hired as independent contractors for 12 months. Hired as part-time employees.
Pay rate ranges from $3/hr to $13 per hour.
Indians are paid $3/hr, Americans are paid up to $11/hr while Europeans are paid up to $13/hr
Pay rate ranges from $6.81/hr to $13 per hour.
Indians are paid $6.81/hr, Americans are paid up to $12/hr while Europeans are paid up to $13/hr

$11 - $13/ hr depending on which state you are.
Pays $25 per referral.No referral programThey do have a referral program
Paid via Payoneer under NET 15 days terms Paid via direct bank transfer under NET 45 days termsPaid via Payoneer/direct transfer under NET 15 days term

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  1. Ola

    Hello sam, I’m from Nigeria. Which of these companies would you suggest I apply with? Or is it possible to register and work with vpn?.

    1. Sam Narzary

      Please check out all of them and see if your country is listed. You can’t use VPN to work here. Good Luck !

  2. Jenya

    Hi Sam
    Is it acceptable to apply to Appen and Lionbridge at the same time and than stay with the one who hired me first?
    My recruitment process with Appen is not yet completed, can I right now apply at Lionbridge and then sign off with Appen if I get work from LB?
    Thank you for your helpful replies. Thank you for blogging!

    1. Sam Narzary

      Yup you can. That’s exactly what I did in the beginning. Just make sure that Lionbridge doesn’t know that you applied at Appen.

  3. Aashish

    Hi Sam, you’ve done great work here this information is very useful for people like us. Thanks

    I had a question, do you have any Idea as to how much teemwork is paying these days and what is their workflow like ( lot of work or less). Thanks

    1. Sam

      Hi Aashish

      Teemwork pays $6/hr for Online Ad Evaluator and $5 for the evaluator position. Their workflow was decent before COVID-19, 10-25 hours per week. Now I don’t really know. Sorry.

  4. Brenz

    Hi Sam, this is so interesting. Do you do work for more than one company at a time or just the one now? Thanks 🙂

    1. Sam

      I work only at Appen as of now.

  5. Elt

    Hi sam
    How many project do you take in appen?

    1. Sam Narzary

      At the moment I am in Yukon only. I was also in Nile before. I got 4 other projects where I applied to, yet to get to work in those projects.

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