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11 Best Survey Sites In Canada


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Best survey sites Canada

Are you in Canada and looking for the best survey sites that pays well? Well I got more than dozens of legit and high paying survey sites in Canada that are hot right now. You will find the best Canadian survey sites that pays via PayPal or via Gift Cards.

While survey sites won’t make one rich, they can definitely make you some extra money even if you just dedicate few mins of your time daily. You can take surveys while you are sitting on your couch, could be watching Television or stuck in traffic. So survey sites are good use of your spare time.

Although this list is specifically for Canadians, if you are from any first world country, you can work in these survey sites too, and get paid in cash via PayPal or you can redeem points for gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks gift cards.

Here is the list of the best survey sites in Canada (and some first world countries) –

1 Survey Rewardz

This survey site has perhaps the easiest way to cash out money. Unlike other survey sites where you have to reach a certain threshold to cash out the money earned, here you can cash out even $1!

It is one of those survey sites that pays via PayPal. You can cash out via PayPal as long as you have just $1 in your account. Other payment methods like gift cards and others requires you to have at least $5 in your account.

Most of the surveys are for $1 – $2 . Some surveys are for $10.

Most survey companies will email you about survey opportunities, but not this site.

You will have to actually log in to this site and check the dashboard for available surveys.

Now this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good because you won’t be bombarded by survey offer emails, bad because you won’t know when there are surveys available.

But the overall impression of this site seems to be good and it is one of the trusted survey sites in Canada.

Where do I sign up?

Right here – Survey Rewardz Sign Up

Note that you can use the above link to sign up even if you are American, Aussie, or English.

2 Nielsen Homescan ( $2500 Sweepstake)

This survey site is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you are in Canada.

They are more in to scanning barcodes of purchased goods then in to surveys.

All that you got to do is to scan the barcodes of the products that you purchased during any shopping trip or during normal shopping.

You will be provided with their mobile app to scan the barcodes, in some cases they will also provide you with a handheld scanner.

Once a week, you will transmit all the shopping data (barcode scans) to Neilsen. You may also be invited to paid surveys.

Each data transmission earns you certain points which in turn makes you points.

The accumulated points can be redeemed as gifts via the Rewards section of their website.

You also get free entry to their sweepstakes which takes place monthly, quaterly and annually.

The quarterly sweepstakes are for the amount of $2500. You can win a Visa Prepaid Card of up to $2500.

In some instances, the panelists (you) are also provided monthly cash incentives of up to $15 per month for just scanning barcodes of your purchased products.

Where do I sign up?

Right Here – Neilsen Homescan

3. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel($5 Sign Up Bonus, $10,000 monthly giveaways)

Won’t it be great to be rewarded to use the internet as we normally do? And also be eligible to win monthly giveaways?

It would be great right and there is an app that does exactly that.

All that you got to do is to install an app either in your computer or mobile devices ( the more devices you install it in, the more you earn), and keep it for at least 30 days. As an incentive, you are also eligible for $5 per month for keeping the application installed.

The longer you keep it, the more you earn.

It as simple as that.

Should I be worried about my privacy? Absolutely not ! They do respect your privacy and it is never ever sold or shared with any third party company

Their application is white-listed by almost every anti-virus software and they do not collect your user id, password and the contents of the site that you would be browsing with the application installed in your system.

And please note that this Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel position is different from the above survey panel where you have to scan the barcodes of purchased goods.

You can sign up for both of these openings at the same time. You got to be Canadians of course.

Where do I Sign up?

Right Here – Neilsen Sign Up

4. Pinecone Research

This is another very popular website where you earn redeemable points for surveys and for testing out products before they hit the shelves.

The points can be redeemed as cash via Check or PayPal or for Visa Gift Card.

Each survey can fetch you $3 or more which normally lasts for 10-15 mins. And they pay out as soon as you reach $3, meaning you get paid after every survey!

Where can I sign up?

Right here below –

If you speak English (CA), sign up HERE

If you speak French (CA), sign up HERE

5. iSurvey World ($5 Sign Up Bonus)

Unlike other survey sites in Canada, you don’t collect points here. You complete surveys and get paid cash for each survey that you complete.

The surveys will be about things and services that you use in your daily life.

Each short survey will fetch you about $1 – $2 per survey. You can then cash it out via PayPal once you reach at least $25. This is one of those survey sites that pays via PayPal.

Where do I sign up?

Right Here – iSurveyWorld Sign Up

6. iSay Survey Panel

Unlike other survey sites , in this survey site, you get rewarded for expressing your opinion on current affairs as well, apart from the normal surveys.

Each survey will fetch you points which in turn can be redeemed for Amazon gift card, Visa Prepaid Card, PayPal money, iTunes gift cards, Starbucks e-gift cards.

New members are also eligible for welcome draw amount of $100 every 4 months.

Where do I sign up?

Right Here – iSay Survey Sign Up Sign Up

7. Maru Voice

This is a unique survey site where you would be voicing your opinions on government policies and getting rewarded in the process.

Along with other forum members, your opinions will help companies, NGOs, media, local businesses, policy makers and the government to make important decisions.

Most surveys will fetch you around $3 per survey that lasts around 10-15 mins.

They pay via PayPal or or via gift cards ( Amazon, iTunes, etc)

Maru Voice also runs occasional prize contests such as –

Recruit Draw – This contest runs through the year, one lucky winner is awarded $1000.

Participating Draw – This runs monthly where one winner gets $500 and 5 winners gets $50 each.

Profiling draw – This draw occurs monthly and picks 10 winners for $100 each.

Where do I sign up?

Right here – Maru Voice Sign Up

8 Green Panthera

This is more than survey site. This is also a rebates site, meaning you get points and cashbacks for shopping online in your favorite shopping site. The accumulated points can then be cash out for various cash gifts and prizes.

The good thing about this site is that you get plenty of coupon discounts to shop in your favorite shopping sites.

Here is just one snapshot of offers in various online shopping sites (Note that they tied up with hundreds of shopping sites)

They also conduct daily polls of the day and other earning opportunities.

Where do I sign up?

Right here – Green Panthera Sign Up

9. Daily Rewards ($5 Sign Up Bonus)

This survey site pays real cash for taking part in surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading email and so on.

Unlike other survey sites , there are no points system here.

One can also refer friends and earn 10% of their monthly earnings. Your friends will also get $5 sign up bonus.

One good thing about this company is that you can get rewarded for signing up to partner survey offers. the offer can be as high as $100.

The downside of this survey site is that you need to reach at least $30 to ask for a payout.

They pay via PayPal.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right HERE

10. Survey Junkie

This is one of the most popular survey sites in the world. They hire from multiple countries and not just from Canada

Apart from taking part in surveys. one can also earn from taking part in focus groups. Focus groups surveys tends to pay higher than normal surveys.

Each survey earns you 1 point. 1 point equals to 1 cent.

You need to reach at least 10,000 points, i.e. $10 to cash out via PayPal or via Amazon/Target gift cards.

The best part about this survey site is that even if you don’t qualify for the actual survey, you would still be awarded a small amount for your effort, unlike other survey sites where you aren’t paid anything if you don’t get past the pre-qualifier questionnaire.

So where do I sign up?

Right here – Survey Junkie Sign Up

The link above is for Canadians and Americans as well.

11 Harris Poll Online ($10,000 Quarterly Sweepstake)

This is another trusted survey site for Canadians.

One just has to be just 13 years old to be able to take part in this survey site.

One can request for payout as soon as one reaches at least 1250 points which equals to $10.

But they don’t have an option to pay out via PayPal. One gets paid in terms of gift cards or gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks.

The good thing about this survey site is that you get rewarded points even if you are disqualified in a survey. The best part is, if you are disqualified in a survey, you get automatic entry to Harris Pol Sweeptakes which takes place every quarter where one lucky winner gets $10,000.

But unlike other survey sites, they don’t have much surveys to complete. One can get like 3-4 surveys per month. That’s one of the downside of this survey site.

Where do I sign up?

Right here – Harris Poll Survey Sign Up

If you speak French, you can sign up HERE

Final Thoughts on Best Survey Sites in Canada

While survey sites won’t make you rich, you can definitely make some money while you are stuck in traffic, sitting in a moving bus, waiting for metro or sitting in a couch watching television.

So that is a comprehensive list of over 11 genuine survey sites in Canada.

Go ahead, check out those survey companies and try which one you suits.

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